Serraquin ES15


Systemic EnzymeTherapy with Serrapetase


Used safely for more than 50 years, systemic enzymes are a natural and effective way to provide a first line of defense for the stress and work put on our equine friends. Inflammation is the basis of pain, discomfort, slower healing, and many serious, progressive problems .Serraquin was developed from a growing demand for the alleviation of pain and injuries that occur in todays performance horses. Unlike any other product on the market today, Serraquin consist of  a potent enzyme blend that helps speed the healing process by modulating the inflammatory response and blocking pain.  Research shows serrapetase possesses significant anti-inflammatory properties, supports healthy fibrin levels, accelerates the natural healing process and supports a healthy digestive tract. It has been clinically proven to be safe and effective for veterinary applications.